Friday, 29 July 2016

Day 70 to Karakul, Tajikistan, 79km, 6071 to date.  1352m up, 3933m end

A big climbing day, including two passes, Kyzyl-Art 4,280m (14,043ft) and a 2nd at 4,257m (13,967ft).  This is the highest elevation I have ever cycled, it sure showed - serious puffing and wheezing!

We crossed into Tajikistan between the two passes, country #6 of this tour.  The exit from Kyrgyzstan and the entry into Tajikistan took only a few minutes.

We are now on the Pamir Highway - if you are interested see  “The Great Game” by Kipling.

Rather spectacular mountain scenery around us. We are in the Pamir mountains, just north of the Hindu Kush mountains in northern Pakistan.  Generally speaking this is the western end of the Himalayan mountains.

Some pics:

Morning views from camp:

The Tajik border guard arriving for work:

Morning dusting of snow:

This is the "logo" for the Pamir highway:

Although we are just south of the Chinese border, I believe this barbed wire fence is marking the no-man’s land either side of the border:

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